Thursday, March 6, 2008

India Victory Down Under

Indian victory down under is the greatest victory after 1985 world series cricket. MSDhoni and boys have done fantastic work to win against formidable Aussies. Australia tour is considered toughest for the pace pitches, Weather, Sledging, crowd booing so against all odds MSDhoni young boys have won in Australia.
MSDhoni has shown maturity as the matches went by his leadership. He knew he will have the last laugh while the Aussies players of caliber of Ponting, Hayden, Symonds, M. Clarke gave statements during and after every match, and, match refree kept on fining our players like Bhajji, Ishanth Sharma, MSDhoni had the last arrogant laugh by winning the cup.
MSDhoni led from front with his deft field placement, bowling changes, batting order above all his own gritty batting under circumstances proved that he is leading from front. No wonder when Tendulkar said that "indian cricket is in safe hands now".
Lets give MSDhoni and his young boys credit and should not hit stones at non performers houses. Every player try to play for the country with the same passiion the way we all discuss and debate the ifs and buts of the day, some time they win and some loose. Lets not target the players and their family by throwing stones, burning effigies.
This victory was done without some players like Zaheer Khan, RP Singh, Ganguly, Dravid.
Lets CHERISH this victory and the Under-19 boys for the performance.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bucknor's Umpiring Credibility

Getting into the post-mortem of the second test match at Sydney between India-Australia which went in favour of aussies by very worst umpiring decisions, we should do what Inzy did against England by not letting his team to take the field when Hair called them "cheaters" after verifying the ball shape. Consequently what happened to Hair's carreer every one knows. He was literally thrown out of ICC body. Bucknor's, as we know, decision has always been against India not only in this match but even in many preceeding matches in which he officiated.

In this match lets forget Bucknor, third umpire's decision was also wrong, shows that Aussies were to win the match from day one.

Worst things happened against India in this match:

  • Symonds was not given out when he clearly had thick edged Ishant Sharma.
  • Symonds ruled not out by tird umpire when he clearly stumped.
  • Wasim Jaffer out in the 2nd innings bold by lee which umpire did not see his had no-balled.
  • Symonds again 2nd innings stumped, but, buknor did not call for third umpire.
  • Dravid ruled out in 2nd innings out caught by gilchrist when replays showed it clearly brushed the pads.
  • Dhoni given LBW 2nd innings when he put his left foot wide out side the off stump,reply may show that it might hit the stumps but when ball is pitched on off side not even pitched in the danger zone give out.
  • RP Singh LBW out when ball pitched on leg.
  • many more erratic decisions...
Finally what would happen? We will lodge our protest or scream at ICC which will not notice anything. Nothing will happen. We can't do what Pakistan did for their country because we have toooooo many GENTLEMEN playing. We need someone like Ganguly who can fight like a TIGER when we have situation like this.

This shows conspiracy against India to not let new Indian talents make any records.

Happy Umpiring Day for Aussies!!!